Champion Be Cool Ron Davis Griffin Wizard Cooling 



1.0" Tube Core Option     checkmark-3.png  checkmark-3.png  checkmark-3.png   checkmark-3.png
1.25" Tube Core Option         checkmark-3.png  checkmark-3.png
1.5" Tube Core Option       checkmark-3.png   checkmark-3.png
Fins per Inch  16 16   16   16  16 
Louver Count per Fin (Higher the better) ?  38  50 
Solid Aluminum Billet Filler Neck (Built to SAE Spec)     checkmark-3.png   Some checkmark-3.png 
Double Sided Cladded Core (Increased Durability)         checkmark-3.png 
All Transmission Coolers are H/D Plate Style   Some  checkmark-3.png   Some checkmark-3.png 

Tube Spacing (3/8" Most Optimal)

3/8"  3/8"  3/8"  1/2"   3/8"

Heat Rejection Rate 

Low  High  High  Medium  Highest
  fit-2.png  Direct Fit Radiators
Most Most checkmark-3.png  checkmark-3.png   checkmark-3.png
Fully Customizable (Upon Order) alumii
checkmark-3.png  checkmark-3.png checkmark-3.png  checkmark-3.png 
Offers DIY Kits       filler  checkmark-3.png 
form.png Show Quality TIG Welds fill Some fffffcheckmark-3.png Some checkmark-3.png
100% Made in the USA (Including Cores)       checkmark-3.png checkmark-3.png
No Epoxy, Fully Furnace Brazed Core checkmark-3.png checkmark-3.png  checkmark-3.png   checkmark-3.png