Custom Finishes

Custom Finishes

We offer two different types of Custom Finishes; Powder Coated Finish and a Polished Finish. We have the ability to polish/powder coat both the radiator as well as our custom made shrouds. Each custom finish job is evaluated before the process takes place. To learn more about our custom finish process or to receive a quote please, Contact Us !!

Polished Finish


Our highly reflective polished finish is the perfect option for highly visible radiator and shrouds. Our skilled workmen hand polish each unit to a "chrome like", display finish. 


Powder Coated Finish

Our highly quality and durable black powder coat finish is not only visually impressive but also meant to protect your custom cooling system from the toughest conditions out there. Especially popular among muscle car restoration projects our powder coating service is a fantastic method to protect your radiator, replicate the look and feel of the OEM radiator and will not effect the overall cooling capacity of your new Wizard Cooling aluminum radiator and/or shroud.