Rebate Program


**Only available for standard items purchased through the website**

10% Rebate

  • Like our Facebook Page

  • Review the product on our website  **

  • Create a post on a personal social media account (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) with at least one clear photo of the installed radiator

  • Photo(s) must have the Wizard Cooling Logo on the unit clearly visible

  • Post must include a mention of Wizard Cooling with a link to our FB page or website (Facebook will insert link automatically when you type our name, "Wizard Cooling Performance Radiators", into the post)



20% Rebate


  • Create a post with a photo on a auto specific forum that you are an active member of

  • Forum post must contain a mention of Wizard Cooling by name and include a link to our website URL or the specific product URL



30% Rebate


  • A review on Yelp or Google

  • Create a post on a Group, Club or Business social media account that you are a member of (Facebook only) with at least one clear photo of the installed radiator

** Secret Facebook Groups do not apply. Closed Facebook Groups must have memebership of at least 4,000. A link to the group page and a screen shot of the post is required for the rebate to apply**



40% Rebate


  • Have an article about your specific build featured in a auto enthusiast magazine

  • Article must mention Wizard Cooling by name and if circulated online in a digital format, it must have a link to


50% Rebate


  • Article must be promoted through a Email Campaign and Social Media by publisher

  • Article must be circulate in both a digital article and print publication (no "digital magazine PDF's")

  • Article must be featured in a nationally syndicated magazine that is available on newstands

  • A photo of the radiator must be in the article


$20 Rebate

 Product Review on Wizard Cooling Website

If you place your order through our website ( will be sent an email 2 weeks after your order is placed you will be sent an email inviting you to review the products you ordered. All orders over $400 (not including freight) you will receive a $20 rebate. Orders under $400 are not eligible for this rebate.



To apply for the rebate, the social media post or article must first be published and accessible to the general public. The social media/forum post article must be reviewed by Wizard Cooling and met the terms of this offer, before any rebate is issued. Final Sale, Liquidated and Clearance items do not apply to this promotion. If a discount has already applied to the product that discount % will be subtracted from the rebate %. Rebate will only be applied to Wizard Cooling Brand products and will not be applied to shipping costs or any accesories such as: fans, relays, caps, DIY Kits, custom finshes, etc.

Rebate amount is capped at $500.


You may apply for the rebate by sending a link to the online article or social media/forum post, along with your Wizard Cooling invoice #, full name and telephone # to


Print articles may be scanned and uploaded to email to be review. You may also fax in a copy of the print article along with a cover sheet that includes your Wizard Cooling invoice #, full name and telephone # . Our fax # is 716-655-6761


The rebate amount is for UP TO 50% of the cost of your cooling package or radiator. We do not guarantee a full 50% rebate, rebates may range from 10% to 50% solely based on the judgement of Wizard Cooling. Rebates will be applied as soon as possible but may take up to 30 days to full process on our end.


**Only available for standard items purchased through the website.  Not available for custom/ customized products.  Not available for item order via phone.  Only available for items via website.