1967-1970 Ford Mustang - MERCURY Cougar (FAN OPTIONS)

Product Information

Price Range: $349.00 - $1249.00


Keep in mind that Wizard Cooling builds "tailored" cooling systems that are intended to be very dialed in to give you the best possible cooling system based on the space you have to work with. You will need to answer a few questions to help the website drill down our options to a single part number that is right for you. The blinking blue arrow indicates what information needs to be provided.

"PRODUCT NOTES": Is the opening in your core support 20" of 24"

"CRITICAL THICKNESS": What is the maximum thickness or space you have to work with between the shroud mounting surface on you radiator to the first point of interference at the engine.  If you are looking for the brushless fan package ...select 3.5".  If you are buying a radiator at the same time as your fan shroud package, factor in 3" for the radiator, regardless of the core you selected.  The brushless fan package is the absolute best fan package on the market.  When looking any of the fan packages, select the fatest one you can fit in your vehicle if you want the best performance. If price if your driving factor.....select the thinnest package.

 "PERFORMANCE RANKING": If there is more than one option available at the CRITICAL THICKNESS you selected we will show you which one is better from a performance perspective.  The highr the performance , the higher the cost.  The lower the performance the lower the cost 


All shroud option in this group will fit the following radiators: