1964-1967 Bel Air/ Impala/ Chevelle/ Malibu/Monte Carlo/ El Camino (FAN/ SHROUD PACKAGES)


Before selecting a fan package for a radiator that you already have....make sure you understand the space you have to work with between your radiator and your pulleys. If you are pairing one of these fan options with one of our radiators, and you are buying both the radiator and the shroud package at the same time it will be important to know that the radiator is 3" thick (regardless of the core thickness you select)

Our site is designed to steer you to the best performing package that will fit in your vehicle. People often call us to recommend the best package for there car, our response is always the same. We will only recommend the best performing package based on the dimension you tell us you have to work with. With that in mind the site will also steer you to the same selection.


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"Electric Fans YES/NO"

  • By selecting NO you will be taken to the mechanical fans shroud options
  • By selecting YES you will be taken to all the electric fan options



  • The the thickness of the fan package, from the shroud mounting flange to the back side of the fan motors.


"Performance Ranking"

  • If there are multiple options at a particular CRITICAL THICKNESS we will prioritize these so you can determine the best performing option