Custom Build Process


Whether you need 1 or 1000, the process is the same.

Step 1: Understanding exactly what you need dimensionally arrow-red-down.png
Step 2: Once we know roughly what size the radiator can be ... arrow-red-down.png
Step 3: What's the cost? arrow-red-down.png
Step 4: Designing your cooling solution. arrow-red-down.png
Step 5: Design review and approval. arrow-red-down.png
Step 6: Production starts! arrow-red-down.png
Step 7: Final payment and shipment. arrow-red-down.png
How long does the whole process take? arrow-red-down.png

Step 1: Understanding exactly what you need dimensionally.

Here are 4 commonly used techniques customers use to provide this information:

1) We can start with a hand drawing (or CAD drawing if you have one). Please feel free to use our Custom Quote Form to submit a drawing and the specifications of your build. Just print off the form (below), fill-out the relevant information (including contact info), and either email it to, fax it to 716-655-6761, or text us a photo at 716-508-0292

2) We can start with one of our current radiator designs and make modification to that. Example: "I would like a radiator like the one you build for the 32 Ford, but I need it 2" shorter and I need the hose connections configured for a LS1 engine swap"

3) You can build a model of what you need built and then send the model to us. We have had customers send in everything from a simple cardboard cut out, to a 3d cardboard and duct taped model with all desired brackets and fittings in the proper locations, to actual sheet metal models.

4) Send your original radiator to us. (We can return it if needed)

Step 2: Once we know roughly what size the radiator can be (height x width) will be we will most like ask you some or all of the following questions:

1) How much horse power are we trying to cool?

2) What will you be doing for airflow? Electric fans? Mechanical fan? Shroud/ no shroud? If electric, whose fan? Ours?

3) Will you be running air conditioning on this car? (We do have condensers if you need us to mount one to the radiator for you.)

4) Will you be running a serpentine belt system?

5) How thick can the radiator be? If you are needed a complete package, how thick can the whole package be? Basically, how much room do you have between the core support and you first point of interference at the motor?

Step 3: What's the cost?

With the information you have provided us in Steps 1 and 2 we now have a great picture of what you are looking for! And we can provide you with a quotation. Most radiators fall in the $650-900 range, however it can be more or less. Before we can move forward with a customer we like to provide the customer with some sort of ball park cost. The more (accurate) information you can provide us with in the beginning the closer our "ball park" price will be to the actual price.
If you are looking at one of the options in Step 1 that require you to send in a radiator or model, you will actually want to take photos of it first and e-mail those to us so we can give you a ball park price prior to actually sending it in.

Step 4: Designing your cooling solution.

Once you have decided to move forward on your concept, we will require a 50% non refundable deposit. At that point our designers take the information you have provided us and create your cooling solution in our 3D parametric modeling system. Once the the design is complete we will send mail you a 2 dimensional drawing and a 3D model of it.

Step 5: Design review and approval.

The 2D drawing will show you all of the dimensions for your verification, and the 3D model will allow you to spin the model around on your computer screen so you can see the radiator from any angle and help you visualize the final product. At this point you will verify that everything was interpreted correctly, and that dimensional everything is correct. If needed we'll make the neccesary adjustments.

Step 6: Production starts!

After your approval our designer will send the drawings of all of the components into our CNC department to get cut.....then it's off to fabrication and welding. All radiator will be tested at 20PSI to ensure it is leak free.

Step 7: Final payment and shipment.

Once the balance of you invoice is received your product will ship.


How long does the whole process take?

As little as 2-3 days...up to 2 month. We generally average about 3-6 weeks
We will estimate the time needed prior to taking your order.

Several factors to take into account when estimating custom builds:

-The complexity of the design
-How custom it is..are we simply modifying a current radiator design,or starting with one of our stock cores or is it TOTALLY custom from the core up?
-Time of year. Summer is peak season so it usually takes longer at that time.
-Our work load