Shroud and Fan Options

Understanding our Shroud and Fan Options

We offer a wide range of fans and shroud options for most of our radiators.  Use the data on this page to help determine which shroud and fan package is right for your application.

What you need to know in order to select a fan and shroud for your application…..

If you are looking to purchase a complete package (Radiator/ Shroud/ Fans) you will first need to determine the maximum thickness the package can be.  In most vehicles you would get this dimension by measuring the distance between your core support and your first point of interference at the motor (typically your pulleys). If you are looking for a fan package only You will want to measure the distance between the shroud mounting surface on the radiator out to the first point of interference at the motor (typically your pulleys). Our fan shroud packages are designed to fit specifically on Wizard Cooling radiators, there was no design intent for our shrouds to work with/ fit on/ or bolt to any other competitors products.

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