Radiators (S/B, B/B. LS/ LT Swap) Base # 361

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Price Range: $599.00 - $2049.00

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Product Information

Base # 361 This group includes all applications with SB/ BB. LS motors


Keep in mind that Wizard Cooling builds "tailored" cooling systems that are intended to be very dialed in to give you the best possible cooling system based on the space you have to work with. You will need to answer a few questions to help the website drill down our options to a single part number that is right for you. The blinking blue arrow above indicates what information needs to be provided. Use the notes below to help navigate the options.

"SELECT ENGINE": The option you select here will configure the plumbing on your radiator properly for your engine

  • LS SWAP  This selection will show you all the options with the Inlet and the Outlet on the Passenger side and will include a 3/8" female sensor bung and a 1/8" female sensor for the air bleed. These systems can also be used for Supercharged applications
  • SB/BB Traditional radiator configurations for Small Block and Big Block application