26” Opening in Core Support

Product Information

Price Range: $549.00 - $2799.00


Keep in mind that Wizard Cooling builds "tailored" cooling systems that are intended to be very dialed in to give you the best possible cooling system based on the space you have to work with. You will need to answer a few questions to help the website drill down our options to a single part number that is right for you. The blinking blue arrow above indicates what information needs to be provided. Use the note below to help navigate the options.

"PRODUCT NOTES": By picking Small Block or Big Block you are determining what side of the radiator your inlet and outlet will be on. By selecting B/B  your outlet will be on the driver side, Passenger side Inlet.  By selecting S/B Your outlet will be on the passenger side, your inlet will be on the driverside

"SHROUD YES/NO": Do you want an OEM Shroud or a Electric fans and a shroud? If you do, click YES.  If not, click NO.  

"ELECTRIC FANS YES/NO": If you want a mechanical Fan/ Shroud select NO,  If are are planning to get electric fans select YES

"CRITICAL THICKNESS": Since you are looking for an electric fan option it will be critical to understand the room you have to work with. The critical thickness is the dimension from the radiator mounting flange on the radiator to the back side of the fan motors. So you will want to check the room you have to work with.  If you are looking for the brushless fan package ...select  the 6.5" option.    The brushless fan package is the absolute best fan package on the market.  When looking at any of the fan packages, select the fatest one you can fit in your vehicle if you want the best performance. If price is your driving factor.....select the thinnest package.

 "PERFORMANCE RANKING": If there is more than one option available at the CRITICAL THICKNESS you selected we will show you which one is better from a performance perspective.  The highr the performance , the higher the cost.  The lower the performance the lower the cost 

"THICKNESS OF CORE": Our Base core is 2.25" thick core is a high performance core that is made up of 2 rows of 1" tubes which is the same thickness as a 4 row copper brass radiator but cools like a 5 row.  The 2.75" core is thick core is a high performance core that is made up of 2 rows of 125" tubes which is the same thickness as a 5 row copper brass but cools like a 6 row.   This thicker core adds about 20-25% additional cooling capacity over the 2.25" thick core.  (We are often asked if we can build a 3 or 4 row radiator.  When people ask for that there plane of reference is usually from some experience with a copper brass radiator of a low performance, small tube, aluminum radiator from offshore.  We only build high end, very high performance radiators.....the bigger the tubes the better. See out FAQ for more insight)

"TRANSMISSION COOLER INCLUDED": Do you want a transmission cooler built into your radiator?  If you do, click YES.  If not, click NO

"AC INCLUDED": If you need an AC Condenser for your project select YES.  This AC condenser is designed to mount easily and work with any universal aftermarket kit (Old Air Products, Vintage Air, etc)

"EXPANSION TANK INCLUDED": If you're looking design a "clean" engine bay and you'd like to hide the overflow/ Expansion tank this is an excellent option for you. This tank is mounted horizontally under the fan.  If you want to check it out, click YES!