BRUSHLESS Fan Packages

Product Information

Price Range: $750.00 - $1699.00


Brushless fans are the latest and greatest in terms of fan technology. The benefits of the brushless fans would include: -Higher CFM than Brush style fans -Quieter -More Torque for pulling air through high performance cores and other heat exchangers, like AC condensers and intercoolers, that may cause airflow restriction. -Better longevity than Brush fans These packages will be 3.5" thick, so you will want to confirm that you have the room required. The Wizard Cooling radiator will be 3" thick, regardless of the core you selected. This is important if you are purchasing a complete package These fan packages are designed specifically for Wizard Cooling radiators. Although you may be able to mount these systems to products / radiator other than ours, there was no design intent to fit any other products than ours.