BRUSH Fan Packages

Product Information

Price Range: $175.00 - $899.00


Standard fans are the traditional type of fans we are have all been accustom to seeing for the last few decades. The benefits of the these fans would include: -Thinner options than Brushless fans -Less expensive On the down side, these fans: -Less torque than brushless, which can play a factor with thicker high performance core, especially if you are also trying to pull air through the additional items like AC condensers and intercoolers -Louder than Brushless fans These packages will range from 2"- 4.75" thick, so you will want to confirm how much room you have. The Wizard Cooling radiator will be 3" thick, regardless of the core you selected. This is important if you are purchasing a complete package. These fan packages are designed specifically for Wizard Cooling radiators. Although you may be able to mount these systems to products / radiator other than ours, there was no design intent to fit any other products than ours.