SPAL Brushless Fans


  • High resistance to vibration and mechanical stress levels
  • Very long life under all operating conditions & environments
  • Electronic controls with on-board diagnostics for reliable operation
  • PWM & analog inputs for continuous fan speed adjustment based on fluid temperature


Why Choose Brushless Fans?

  1. Brushless Fans Can Move More Air Than Traditional Electric Fan Packages
  2. Brushless Fans Are Thinner Than "High Performance" Fan Packages
  3. Brushless Fans Can Be Added To Any Wizard Cooling Shroud Package
  4. Brushless Fans Run Quieter Than Normal Electric Fans

Sealed, High Performance, Heavy Duty Brushless Fans are specially designed to meet cooling systems requirements in the off road and high performance industry. Spal Brushless Fans can be a strong and reliable option to increase your cooling system efficiency in your advanced vehicle design.

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