Why are aluminum radiators better than copper/brass? arrow-red-down.png
Is a "cross flow" radiator better than a "down flow" radiator? arrow-red-down.png
If I use a lower temperature thermostat will that help my system run cooler? arrow-red-down.png
Should I change my water pump? arrow-red-down.png
What is electrolysis and how can I prevent it? arrow-red-down.png
What coolant should I use with my Wizard Cooling Radiator? arrow-red-down.png
Should I use a coolant additive? arrow-red-down.png
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Why are aluminum radiators better than copper/brass?

The structural integrity of aluminum is much stronger than copper/brass. This allows us to make larger tubes which can push a larger volume of coolant. This also allows us to have more fins in contact with the tubes (16 fin per inch!). All of these factors contribute to greater heat dissipation and a more efficient radiator.

Because aluminum is much stronger than copper aluminum core manufactures are able to make the tubes up to 1.50" wide, opposed to .50" wide for a copper tube. The benefit of this extra tube width comes from the additional contact that is created between the fins and the tubes, as there are less spaces or voids between the tubes (due to a fewer amount of tubes).

It's true that Aluminum dissipates heat significantly better that Brass and only slightly less than copper, but the major benefits of aluminum radiators are in the design differences. If you take a look at a cut away section of copper brass radiator that is 2.25" thick, then multiply the number of tubes in a row by the width of the tubes you will find that there is a total of 1.50" of "contact" between the fins and the tubes on every row. Now, do the same evaluation on a 2.25" aluminum radiator core and you will find that there is 2.0" of "contact". That is 33% more "contact" than the copper brass. This is critical as the fins accomplish a large percentage of the heat dissipation. The less contact between the fin and tubes, the less effective the radiator will be.

A important benefit of the wider, aluminum, tubes is that a larger volume of coolant is now placed inside the core, where the heat dissipation is occurring. Between the additional contact between the fins and tubes, the additional fluid in the core, and the additional contact between the fluid and the tubes you can expect to see at least a 25% increase in the heat transfer capabilities of an aluminum radiator over a copper/ brass of the same thickness.


Is a "cross flow" radiator better than a "down flow" radiator?
No, not necessarily. The important factor is the amount of heat dissipation surface the core has. The coolant flow direction is not important

Many aluminum radiator manufactures make "cross flow conversions" for many original down flow radiators. Although these radiators will cool better than the original, they do not look, mount, or fit like the original These cross flow conversion can require anything from new hoses to major sheet metal modifications. Cross flow conversions are the easiest and cheapest to design and manufacture. An installer must consider the cost of additional modifications that are needed when considering a cross flow conversion.

Although Wizard Cooling is fully capable of producing cross flow radiator our primary focus is to design a build a radiator that will be configured like your original, fit the original radiator mounts, and cool what ever horsepower you have.


If I use a lower temperature thermostat will that help my system run cooler?

No, running a lower temperature thermostat will not bring down engine temperatures, it only controls OPENING TEMPERATURES.

The only "benefit" is that you have now increased the amount of time it will take for your vehicle to reach operating temperature. A thermostat is supposed to modulate, just like the thermostat in your house turns the furnace on and off. When the coolant reaches the thermostat setting it opens and lets coolant go through the radiator. The radiator, if capable, will drop the temperature down to a point the thermostat modulates.

Should I change my water pump?

The big three put a lot of time and testing into flow rates to calculate maximum performance to match the engine with the radiators. The test results show a DEFINED window of efficiency, anything less and anything more CAN be a deterrent to cooling.

What is electrolysis and how can I prevent it?
Electrolysis is a chemical reaction that takes place between the coolant and metal surfaces and is the result of electricity flowing through your cooling system; causing an electrochemical charge across the aluminum. This can result in the rapid deterioration and corrosion of the components of your aluminum cooling system.

View our Blog Post, Radiator Failures, Leaks and Electrolysis, to learn more about electrolysis and how to prevent it.

What coolant should I use with my Wizard Cooling Radiator?

We suggest using EVANS NPG Waterless Engine Coolant with your Wizard Cooling aluminum radiator.

Should I use a coolant additive?

No. The effects, if any, of these additives are very rarely enough to solve any cooling issue.

Should I run a higher-pressure cap?

Running a higher pound pressure cap than standard will only serve to increase boiling points, which does benefit the cooling system to a small degree, but it can increase the degradation of the major cooling components, particularly the radiator.

Do Wizard radiators come with a radiator cap?
Our radiators do not come with a radiator cap unless a radiator cap is purchased during the sales process. You can find our selection of show quality, billet aluminum radiator caps to add to your order here.

Do electric fans really work?

Yes! Today's electric fans have the capability of pulling and/or pushing more air through your radiator while you're at a stop light than your original motor driven fan can pull through while driving at 50 miles an hour. Another fact to consider is that by replacing the motor driven fan with an electric fan YOU WILL GAIN HORSEPOWER.

How do I wire electric fans?

Wiring your electirc fan package yourself can be very easy. You'll need to use one or two Fan Wiring Harness/Kit  to wire your fans and depending on the fan(s) you'll be using. Then you can simply follow the instructions provided by the electric fan manufacture. You can find easy to use PDF instructions for both Spal and Maradyne Fan wiring in the PDF containers below.
      pdf-icon-1.png                                 pdf-icon-1.png

What makes the Wizard cooling products so unique?

Our customers insist on the absolute highest quality standards for their Wizard Cooling Radiators. Our radiators meet the most rigorous evaluations before being shipped to our customers. All of our radiators are designed to be a direct fit replacement of the original OEM radiators; in the original radiator mounting positions. Requiring no sheet metal modifications by the installer. If the original radiator was a down flow, our radiator will be a down flow.

We pride ourselves on our meticulous, 100% MADE IN THE USA, manufacturing process. Our radiators feature: 100% Show quality TIG welds, Furnace brazed high efficiency cores, Billet filler necks, Custom cores as thick as 3.25", Performance electric fans as high as 4000 CFM and ABSOLUTELY NO EPOXY is used in our manufacturing process.

Can you build a radiator for my car?

Yes, we can custom build a radiator for any vehicle. Any year, any make, any model.
Do you ship internationally?

Yes. International customers should Contact Us for accurate shipping and lead time quotes.
When can I expect my order to arrive?

We keep most of our popular numbers on the shelf, those generally ship within 24 hrs. For items that are not in stock, lead times are generally 7-10 business days to build a standard item and 15-30 business days for a custom or modified design.
Will I have to make any modifications to use your radiator?

Our direct fit radiators do not require any modifications to install in the stock vehicle applications. Custom, modified or conversion radiators may take some modification based off the application which is outlined in the vehicle description.
How do I know a Wizard Cooling aluminum radiator will cool my vehicle?

Before installing your Wizard Cooling radiator you will need to know your car’s current engine operating temperature while idle and at highway speed. Most users report a 20-40 degree reduction in temperature from their baseline readings.

How does Wizard Cooling’s prices compare to that of other performance radiators?

Our pricing is very competitive compared to other high quality, performance radiators. We base our pricing off the material used, complexity of the build and the labor used. Our radiator are 100% Made in the USA using only the highest grade components and seasoned laborers.



Where can I get a catalog?

We host our full part # catalog online through our website. No full printed catalog is available



What is your Warranty?

For a period of 1 year, Wizard Cooling Inc. warrants that the products sold hereunder shall be free of defects in workmanship or materials. THIS WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR OTHER WARRANTY OF QUALITY, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. Wizard Cooling Inc. does not warrant or guarantee installation or adjustment of the part. This warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, abuse, negligence, improper installation, acts of God or other causes beyond the control of Wizard Cooling Inc. Any alteration or misuse of the product after manufacture voids this warranty in its entirety. IN NO EVENT SHALL WIZARD COOLING INC. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. In the event of a defect in workmanship or materials, Purchaser’s or other user’s sole and exclusive remedy is for repair or replacement of the part without charge. For more information see our Warranty Info page.

What is your Return Policy?

Refunds / Credit: Custom radiators and fluid tanks cannot be returned for refund or credit. Items that are eligible to be returned can be returned within a 30 day period after receiving your item(s). A restocking fee of 20% may apply to your refund or credit. Credit will be applied to your next order. Clearance, discounted, or sale items cannot be returned for refund, credit only. Refunds and or credits will not be given for freight on any returned item. Should there be a refund, the original invoice must be returned before the refund can be sent. The refund check will be sent within 10 days of refund approval.