1986-87 Mercedes 300SDL, 1990-91 350SD/SDL Aluminum Radiator

1986-87 Mercedes 300SDL, 1990-91 350SD/SDL Aluminum Radiator

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    Direct fit, bolt in replacement aluminum radiator for the 1986-1987 Mercedes 300SDL & 1990-91 350SD/SDL


    • Direct fit radiator
    • 16 Fins per inch
    • Filler neck is machined from a solid aluminum billet
    • No epoxy, fully furnace brazed
    • Fully TIG welded
    • 100% MADE IN THE USA

    The core for this custom built, high performance radiator features 1 rows of 1.5" tubes. The tubes are space 3/8" apart, on center. With 3/8" centers we are able to put more rows of tubes, fins, and coolant volume in the core as well as create more surface area for air to travel over; allowing for greater heat dissipation.
    Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the different core types, our construction process and why Wizard Cooling's products' performance is superior to the other options.




    Mercedes 350SDL 1990 3.5 A/T
    Mercedes 350SDL 1991 3.5 A/T
    Mercedes 350SD 1991 3.5 A/T
    Mercedes 300SDL 1986 3.0 A/T
    Mercedes 300SDL 1987 3.0 A/T


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    1. It works! It fits!

      An excellent solution to the plastic tank OE radiator.
      UPS shipping and packed very well - no damage!
      Came with 2 adapters for the auto trans cooler hoses.
      Please note: The auto trans cooler in the new Wizard radiator is a bit smaller. One cooler hose bolts right up. I found the other connection needed a 1/4 inch pipe nipple and 45 degree elbow to make the hose line up just right, no sweat.
      Everything else clears and fits very well.
      on Mar 21st 2016

    2. Wizard Cooling- Response to Basil

      Hi Basil, thanks for the review! We really appreciate the feed back. I wanted to take a moment to respond and let you know we will take your design suggestions under review with this particular part # and if we find correction need to be made we will update our design.

      I will also point out that we clearly state on the product page (above) that the transmission connects are different on our unit when compared to the original OEM unit. Thanks again for the review
      on Jan 27th 2016

    3. Requires additional-cost-modification for 1987 300SDL

      As of time of this review the radiator is installed in my 1987 300SDL and looks good. I purchased the model with a transmission cooler for automatic transmission for a delivered price of $800 plus.

      However, the advertised claim of this being a 'direct fit' is inaccurate. Firstly, the top tabs that get clipped to OEM fan shroud, are about three-eighths inch off, requiring a force-fit. A force-fit is always under tension and introduces an element of unreliability on the part of the spring fastening clips that hold the shroud to the radiator. More serious is the fact that this radiator, in its automatic transmission version, is supplied with generic attachment points for the transmission cooler connecting hoses.

      To clarify: OEM radiator is fitted with M16 x 1.5mm male lugs. Corresponding, OEM transmission cooler lines end in M16 x 1.5mm fittings. This radiator is supplied with quarter x twenty SAE FEMALE fittings. Go figure! Since an adaptor for female 1/4 x 20 to female M16 x 1.5mm is not available I was compelled to shell out another $100 to have custom hoses built - the only viable solution.

      Transmission cooler lines are hydraulic hoses with hydraulic fittings. This is not a landscape irrigation (water) project where just about any fitting will suffice - as is suggested in product advertisement.

      Summarily, going the 'custom made' route appears to be the only choice. OEM radiators for this car are no longer available in the USA. Hopefully, this rad will outlast the original by Behr. Be prepared for additional customization for a successful installation. Four stars because of pain and suffering :)

      on Jan 17th 2016

    4. A work of art... Perfect!

      Not only was this radiator a really good fit for my '91 350SDL (with some minor fabrication work required for the transmission cooler hoses), it is absolutely beautiful. Open the hood and there's a gleaming, shiny silver radiator where a chunk of plastic used to be. My garage stated that it was, hands down, the nicest radiator they'd ever seen. I'm thrilled with it - and quite honestly, after some though, glad I went this route rather than trying to find a salvage radiator. OEMs are no longer available. on Nov 6th 2015

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