1959-1968 Austin Healey 3000 Aluminum Radiator

1959-1968 Austin Healey 3000 Aluminum Radiator

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    Direct fit, bolt in replacement aluminum radiator for a 1959-1968 Austin Healey 3000.

    There is a fan guard mounted to the motor side face of the top tank of this radiator. (Like the original radiator)


    • Direct fit radiator
    • 16 Fins per inch
    • Filler neck is machined from a solid aluminum billet
    • No epoxy, fully furnace brazed
    • Fully TIG welded
    • Proudly MADE IN THE USA


    This radiator is made with 2 rows of 1" tubes. That is equivalent to a 4 row copper brass radiator in terms of thickness, however it will actually cool like a 5 row copper brass. This is a SIGNIFICANT improvement over the original copper brass radiator. The tubes are space 3/8" apart, on center. With 3/8" centers we are able to put more rows of tubes, fins, and coolant volume in the core as well as create more surface area for air to travel over; allowing for greater heat dissipation.


    You should know that the filler neck on the top of this radiator is built to a current SAE (Standard Automotive Engineering) specification that is followed by many manufactures including Ford, GM, and Mopar. This design is different than the OEM fillerneck that was used by Austin Healey. You will be able to find filler caps to fit this radiator that will match the OEM 4lbs or 7 lbs requirement. "STANT" is one of the manufactures of these caps.

    Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the different core types, our construction process and why Wizard Cooling's products' performance is superior to the other options.


    Austin Healey 3000 1959 M/T
    Austin Healey 3000 1960 M/T
    Austin Healey 3000 1961 M/T
    Austin Healey 3000 1962 M/T
    Austin Healey 3000 1963 M/T
    Austin Healey 3000 1964 M/T
    Austin Healey 3000 1965 M/T
    Austin Healey 3000 1967 M/T
    Austin Healey 3000 1968 M/T
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    1. Running cooler now!

      I recently installed the Wizard Cooling radiator on my 1967 BJ8. It is working great and appears to have solved my overheating problems at stop lights and in slow traffic. Because it is thicker it was difficult to install. I had to shorten the lower hose fitting by a 1/4" in order to squeeze it in and getting a screwdriver on the lower hosed clamp was tricky but now that it is in is looks great and works even better. Next action is to install an aluminum overflow tank.

      RESPONSE: Thank you far the feedback Larry! We have revised the length of the lower hose connection so future customers will not need to trim the length of the lower hose connection. Thank you!
      on Aug 27th 2018

    2. Wizard aluminum radiator for my 1965 Austin Healey 3000

      After damaging my original radiator I decided to install the Wizard radiator which is very popular with the Healey community. Right out of the box I dropped the radiator into position and started to install my original SAE bolts. Since they did't fit, I called Wizard and spoke with Tech Rep Scott who confirmed that metric M8 X 1.25 nuts had been used due to the unavailability of the original SAE nuts. A quick trip to Lowe's had me 6 of the metric bolts. 5 of the 6 bolts went in easily but the 6 bolt required me to loosen the mounting bracket allowing the completion of the job. Only a few miles on the Wizard radiator but the results look good for handling the heat here in Florida. A well made and good looking product. on Apr 15th 2018

    3. Less Heat; Happy Feet

      Now my Austin Healey 3000 runs at 190 deq. when the temperature is above 85 deg. Should have made this upgrade years ago.

      Excellent product!!
      on Aug 26th 2017

    4. F in awsome!!

      I built my Healey to drive and i couldn't go anywhere if it were over 85 degrees outside.
      It would get above 195 if i got stuck at a stoplight.
      Now it actually runs too cool. I may need to get a 180 thermostat as it doesn't go above 160
      on Oct 6th 2016

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