1982-1985 TOYOTA Supra Performance Radiator

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Fit… Designed to bolt in using the factory mounting positions. 1.50” , 1 Row Core… This radiator is built with a true high performance core made with 1 row of 1.50” wide tubes, providing a core that is 1.50” thick. The tubes are spaced on 3/8 inch centers to maximize the total number of fins and tubes over the width of the radiator. The fins… Loaded with 16 fins per inch, this core has a massive amount of surface area. In addition to the high fin count each fin is built with a series of louvers, our cores have the highest louver count in the industry. The fin does the majority of the heat transferring, having a louver count this high is a game changer! The cosmetics… We are extremely particular about how our products look! Starting with the design, our designers work diligently creating packages that not only fit and function properly, but look amazing.  Insuring that all shroud and fan mounting is done cleanly and all sheet metal components “flow” with each other… the package that smooth, well engineered look. Our welders take tremendous pride in the quality of their work. The beautiful welds are created using TIG, and are second to none! The longevity… Our cores are 100% furnace brazed using the latest technology.  Technology that does not require a secondary process using epoxy to make the core leak free. Our product is….beefy! Removing material, removes cost! Many competitors choose to reduce the thickness of all materials in the radiator, from the tanks to the tubes to the fins. In doing so the unit will be weak and have a short life expectancy. Our tack is different, we will not sacrifice performance or longevity in order to cut cost. By maintaining sturdy material thicknesses we can run higher operating pressures, lasting longer than competing radiators.

Box Width:
8.00 (in)
Box Length:
24.00 (in)
Box Depth:
24.00 (in)
Option 1:
Fan Package: NO