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1987-88 BMW E28/E24 Custom Aluminum Radiator

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    Direct fit, bolt in replacement aluminum radiator for a 1987-1988 BMW M6 E24 and the 1988 M5 E28


    • Direct fit radiator
    • 16 Fins per inch
    • No epoxy, fully furnace brazed
    • Fully TIG welded
    • 100% MADE IN THE USA


    This radiator is designed to fit into the stock mounting locations and the OEM shroud will mount to this radiator

    The core for this custom built performance radiator features 1 rows of 1.5" tubes. The tubes are space 3/8" apart, on center. With 3/8" centers we are able to put more rows of tubes, fins, and coolant volume in the core as well as create more surface area for air to travel over; allowing for greater heat dissipation.


    Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the different core types, our construction process and why Wizard Cooling's products' performance is superior to the other options.




    BMW M6 1987 3.5 M/T
    BMW M6 1988 3.5 M/T
    BMW M5 1988 3.5 M/T
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    1. BMW e24 M6 - beautiful and fits like a glove

      Top right plastic radiator hose outlet broke! This all Aluminum radiator looks like a racing radiator and well built. Slightly thicker than stock, but does not require any modifications. Stock fan does not hit. Slides right in and fits like a glove. Comes with two bungs on the left for temp switches, holes on top for radiator screw support, and two side mounts. I had a custom drain valve put on the bottom right. Car runs cooler! Highly recommend this as an upgrade ... before your plastic hose outlet breaks! on Jul 26th 2018

    2. Fits, looks and works fantastic in my E28 M5

      My stock radiator broke right where the plastic bits are - it was nice to see an all-aluminum replacement available! It fit very nicely compared to OEM. I agree with the other folks, probably the last radiator this car will ever need! on Nov 30th 2017

    3. Finally installed 1 year+ after purchase but leaking :-(

      Hello there, sorry for the late feedback but I finally replaced my original non-leaking but old Behr radiator today.
      Sadly there is a small drip leak from the bottom left side of the cooler, I will be including some pictures taken today from underneath the car(tight), I have no access to a car lift around where I live so was working inside my garage today.
      I will be starting the unistall work next week so can provide more pics then...
      Regards from Norway.
      on Aug 27th 2017

    4. aluminum radiator

      I cannot begin to describe how pleased I am with the radiator. The fitment was perfect. The fan shroud fit perfectly without modification. I couldn't be happier with your product. I went ahead and redid the rest of the cooling system as well (t-stat, fan clutch, all hoses and clamps, water pump) and the car runs amazing. Definitely worth the money. Thanks for all the help getting the group buy set up and for shipping out the radiators so quickly. I appreciate it. on Nov 6th 2015

    5. Sherman Watters

      Easy purchase through the online store. on Nov 6th 2015

    6. Last radiator the car will ever need

      Radiator fit just like an OEM unit. It was basically plug and play. It looks great in the engine bay and I'm sure that it's the last radiator this 88 BMW will ever need. If there were any downside to the radiator I'd say the addition of a drain valve at the bottom would be a good future addition. Very pleased with the quality. on Nov 6th 2015

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