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    Each of these DIY kits includes the following pieces for finishing:

    (1) 1 1/2" Connection

     (1) 1 3/4" Connection 

    (1) Billet Aluminum Filler Neck

    (1) Overflow Tube

                      (1) Weld-on Bung                  

    (1) Draincock      



    Note: These kits require aluminum welding and fabrication


     "A" Dimension= Stack Height (Core+Side Channels)    "B" Dimension= (Core+Tanks)



    Each "Do it Yourself", DIY Radiator Kit comes complete with all the necessary components to build you own aluminum radiator as listed above.


    The radiator blanks comes complete, with both tanks welded securely to the radiator core. The finishing components included in the kit need to be positioned in the correct place on the radiator blank and then welded to the radiator blank in the correct position.


    The extent of the fabrication will include; drilling holes in the radiator blank's tank for the components, then welding the components and fittings securely into place. It’s critical to ensure you have the ability to drill the holes and create air/water tight aluminum welds before starting a DIY Kit project.


    The standard aluminum radiator blanks are available in a core thickness of 2.25”, featuring 2 rows of 1” tubes and a tank thickness of 3”.

    We have also added options for higher capacity units with a core thickness of 3 1/2” which feature 3 rows of 1” tubes and a tank thickness of 4”. Available only in the 19" x 26" and 19" x 31" radiator blank sizes.



    Looking for a DIY Kit aluminum radiator but don’t want to do the fabrication and welding yourself? We’re happy to construct your DIY Kit for you. We will drill, attach, and weld on the 1 1/2” and 1 3/4” Hose Connects as well as Install the Filler Neck based of your location requirements. Construction of DIY Kits only includes the parts that are included with the DIY Kits. Customization of any other aspect of the radiator (hose sizes, angled hoses, extra fittings) IS NOT Included with this DIY Kit construction package. Approximate cost of constructing a DIY Kit is ~$250 in addition to the cost of the kit. Please Contact Us at 716-655-6760 to inquire about our DIY Kit Construction Package.


    Looking for a completely customized aluminum radiator, but have a more complicated application and don’t want to do the fabrication and welding yourself? Visit our Custom Build Process page to learn more or Contact Us to receive a quote on a 100% Made in the USA, Wizard Cooling Custom Aluminum Radiator. Each of our custom radiators includes; professional CAD design, custom fabrication, TIG welding, and high performance Made in America parts.


    Please note that all kits listed on this page are made over seas. NOT by Wizard Cooling. If you are interested in a higher grade/ quality "kit" please contact us and we can built you one for you that is made 100% in the USA, bu us!

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    1. DIY radiator

      My DIY radiator kit was shipped promptly to me. All parts including the radiator are high quality and welded up nicely. I'm very happy with my purchase. on Apr 17th 2018

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