1966-1969 22" Core (V8) Mopar Applications Aluminum Radiator & Brushless Fan

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Direct fit, bolt in replacement aluminum radiator/ shroud and BRUSHLESS fan for 1966-1969 MOPAR Applications with a 22" Core and a V8 engine.
Driver side Inlet & Passenger side Outlet



The performance...

This radiator is built with a true high performance core made with 2 rows of 1.25” tubes, providing you with a core that is 2.75” thick. The tubes are spaced on 3/8 inch centers to maximize the total number of fins and tubes over the width of the radiator. As if that wasn’t enough we’ve gone one step further, each fin has been beautifully outfitted with 57 louvers to dramatically increase the heat transfer capabilities of each fin.  This is in comparison to competitors cores that typically range from 26-42 louvers per fin, and in some cases... dimple fins... instead of louvers which is substantially less capable of dissipating heat.

In applications with an internal transmission oil cooler our engineers have replaced the standard “cylindrical style” of oil cooler with a new state of the art high performance 5-plate style of cooler in order meet the heat transfer demands of your new performance transmission. In addition to the heat transfer benefits of this new transmission cooler this cooler is far less prone to leaks than the cylindrical style and can handle substantially greater pressures.


The longevity….

All of our cores are 100% furnace brazed using the latest in technology.  Technology that does not require a secondary process using epoxy to make the core leak free.  In order to be more cost competitive many companies have chosen to reduce cost by removing material.  This is done by reducing the thickness of all materials in the radiator, from the tanks to the tubes to the fins. That will change the cost of the unit, and will make it substantially lighter, in doing so it also makes a much weaker assembly! Our tack is different, we will not sacrifice performance or longevity in order to cut cost. By maintaining sturdy  material thicknesses  we can run higher operating pressures and last longer than competing radiators.


The fit……

This radiator itself is designed to be a direct fit unit. The complete package is 6.25” thick…..amazingly thin considering the punch it packs!  You will, of course, want to confirm that you have enough room between your core support and the motor to fit this package.


The cosmetics….

We are extremely particular about how our products look. We hire only extremely skilled welders who take tremendous pride in the quality of their work. Their welds are second to none! All welds are TIG in order to better control the penetration and overall quality of the welds compared the the cheaper MIG process. Our designers are diligent about creating packages that not only fit and function properly, but look amazing.  Insuring that all shroud mounting is done cleanly and all sheet metal components “flow” with each other… the package a well engineered and refined look.

Fan Package

The shroud...

Our engineers have cleverly developed a new “two chamber” shroud. The first chamber properly and cleanly funnels the air from the core to the fans. The second chamber properly positions the leading edge of the fan with the backside of the primary chamber to reduce air turbulence in the primary chamber which.  Due to the massive speed and torque that comes with the new brushless technology a dual chamber is required to reap the maximum benefit of the fan's performance.


The fans…..

The new Brushless fans from Spal are the latest and greatest in fan technology! Compared to the standard electric fans these fans are…

  • Quieter

  • Require less amperage

  • Move a greater volume of air

  • Have a significantly greater amount of torque

  • Variable speed control.  The fans will start up slow then ramp up when more airflow is needed

  • Require almost 2” less room, in terms of thickness, compared to the most powerful standard “brush” fan, while at the same time moving more air than the standard fan type.


The performance of the brushless fans becomes increasingly important as you start to stack different heat transfer components in front of the radiator (condenser, transmission cooler, charge air cooler, intercooler, etc.).   Keep in mind you are considering a true high performance radiator with a thick core, a high fin count and a high tube count. All of that “mass” that is in front of the fans will create a certain amount of resistance, now if you add additional coolers to the front of the radiator you will be adding airflow resistance and you will be preheating the air before it gets to the radiator.  The brushless fans are monsters, they will do a better job than anything else on the market to ensure that you are still getting the highest performance from your radiator regardless of what you stick in front of them.



  • 1.5" Inlet
  • 1.75" Outlet
  • 2 rows 1.25" tubes
  • 17" Spal Brushless Fan
  • Direct fit radiator
  • 16 Fins per inch
  • Filler neck is machined from a solid aluminum billet
  • No epoxy, fully furnace brazed
  • Fully TIG welded
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA
  • Full Electrical kit for fans.
Box Width:
7.00 (in)
Box Length:
24.00 (in)
Box Depth:
34.00 (in)
Thickness Of Radiator And/or Shroud, Fans:
Inlet Location:
Driver Side
Outlet Location:
Passenger Side
Option 3:
Option 1:
Fan Package: YES