1966-1969 26" Mopar, BRUSHLESS FAN PACKAGE

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Fan Package 

The shroud...

Our engineers have cleverly developed a new “two chamber” shroud. The first chamber properly and cleanly funnels the air from the core to the fans. The second chamber properly positions the leading edge of the fan with the backside of the primary chamber to reduce air turbulence in the primary chamber which.  Due to the massive speed and torque that comes with the new brushless technology a dual chamber is required to reap the maximum benefit of the fan's performance. 

The fans…..

The new Brushless fans from Spal are the latest and greatest in fan technology! Compared to the standard electric fans these fans are…

  • Quieter

  • Require less amperage

  • Move a greater volume of air

  • Have a significantly greater amount of torque

  • Variable speed control.  The fans will start up slow then ramp up when more airflow is needed

  • Require almost 2” less room, in terms of thickness, compared to the most powerful standard “brush” fan, while at the same time moving more air than the standard fan type.

The performance of the brushless fans becomes increasingly important as you start to stack different heat transfer components in front of the radiator (condenser, transmission cooler, charge air cooler, intercooler, etc.).   Keep in mind you are considering a true high performance radiator with a thick core, a high fin count and a high tube count. All of that “mass” that is in front of the fans will create a certain amount of resistance, now if you add additional coolers to the front of the radiator you will be adding airflow resistance and you will be preheating the air before it gets to the radiator.  The brushless fans are monsters, they will do a better job than anything else on the market to ensure that you are still getting the highest performance from your radiator regardless of what you stick in front of them.


  • 1.50" Inlet
  • 1.75" Outlet
  • 2 rows of 1.25" tubes
  • Direct fit radiator
  • 16 Fins per inch
  • Filler neck is machined from a solid aluminum billet
  • No epoxy, fully furnace brazed
  • Fully TIG welded
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA
  • Package comes complete with the full electrical kit to get your fans up and running properly



Box Width:
8.00 (in)
Box Length:
26.00 (in)
Box Depth:
35.00 (in)
Thickness Of Radiator And/or Shroud, Fans:
Inlet Location:
Passenger Side
Outlet Location:
Driver Side
Option 3:
26" Wide
Option 1:
Fan Package: YES
Thickness Of Radiator And/or Shroud, Fans:
Thickness Of Radiator And/or Shroud, Fans: